Candy's Costume Shop
685 Mount Pleasant Rd,
Toronto, ON. Canada
(416) 487-5794
Getting ready for that Masquerade Party? We carry a wide variety
to choose from to make your night extra special. Candy's Costume Shop has a
variety of elegant Venetian masks fit for even the most extravagant masquerade ball.

We also have:
- Colorful, feathered Mardi Gras masks add an exotic flair to any event.
- Simple eye masks can turn you from ordinary human to superhero.

In the blink of an eye make fun at a celebrity or politician, dress up as your
favourite animal, or scare others with a theatrical quality horror mask.

New years Eve!
Candy's Costume Shop has one of the most extensive selection of masquerade masks
in Toronto for your New Years party!
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- Eagle, Horse, Owl, Panda.
Eye and Masquerade:
- Assorted colours of Ballroom and Cateye masks, Butterfly, Feather,
Fashion Glitz.
Famous People:
American Presidents, Obama, Clinton, Talk show hosts.
Film and television:
Bart Simpson, Batman Chucky, Grinch, Yoda.
Circus Psycho, skeleton, Werewolf.
Clown, Invisible Mask, Mexican Wrestling Masks.
Add a bit of mystery to your night out!
Fifty Shades Mask
Masquerade Mask
Nixon Mask
Bear Mask