Candy's Costume Shop
685 Mount Pleasant Rd,
Toronto, ON. Canada
(416) 487-5794
Candy's Costume Shop has professional quality wigs for men and
women in a wide variety of colours and styles.

Replicate a celebrity's hairdo, bring back a look that went out of style
decades ago, look regal in a period wig, surprise your friends with an
outrageous wig, or just become somebody else for a day.

Throwing a wig party? We've got you covered.
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Bright Colours:
- A large selection of coloured wigs:
Afro, Rainbow, clown, Feather, Tinsel.
- Beehive, Finger wave, Geisha, Marilyn.
Film and Television:
- Betty Boop, Cruella, Dorothy, Lady Gaga,         
Edward Scissorhands.
Colonial, Marie Antoinette, Victorian, Baroque.
Other Assorted Styles:
- Curly, Dream girl, Farrah, Lulu, Peggy sue.
- Afro, Beatles, Colonial, 80's Rocker, Mullet.
Film and Television:
- Austin Powers, Elvis, Michael Jackson,
Beatlejuice, Gomez Adams.
- Baroque, Jesus, Colonial, Ben Franklin.
Other Assorted Styles:
- Comb over, Curly, Faux hawk, Dreadlocks,
Old man, Surfer dude.
Wigs are an easy way to instantly transform your look.
Shag Wig
Blue Wig
Girl Red Wig
Surfer Wig
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